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Sherman County Quilt Documentation Project

What is the Sherman County Quilt Documentation Project?

It is a group of Sherman County volunteers – quilt historians, quilt enthusiasts and quilt makers – who believe it is time to survey, record, preserve and share the stories of Sherman County quilts and their makers. This project is associated with the Oregon Quilt Project and the Willamette Heritage Center and made possible with a grant from the Sherman County Cultural Coalition.

Throughout this past year our volunteer team has taken on the task to preserve part of the history and heritage within Sherman County and the state of Oregon with information gathered from documenting quilts.  The Sherman County Historical Museum quilt collection were the first quilts documented by the group and it was fascinating.  As the quilts were carefully examined each detail told part of a story that is not found within written books but rather, discovered in quilt descriptions, block designs, fabric used, batting and backing in old and new, unused and worn-out, quilts. 
Accompanying each documented quilt is a history form filled prior to the quilt examination with information on the quilt owner, quilt maker, the quilts purpose, and date the quilt was made.  The more information provided in the quilt history forms the more complete the documentation became along with photographs of the quilt and copies of the registration forms.  This information is then uploaded to the state and national quilt repository for unlimited research by scholars, historians and various enthusiasts worldwide.

The current goal of the project is to invite community members to sign up for the Sherman County Quilt Documentation Day and preserve the history of their quilts.

We encourage everyone that might have a quilt they just finished, or is in a trunk waiting to be used or maybe is on the foot of your bed to be brought to SC Quilt Documentation Day and be documented.  This will preserve the history and heritage of the quilt, and the information will be easily looked up by the registered number issued to the quilt and sewn on the quilt.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to pick up a quilt years from now and find the tag with the registration number you can look up on the computer and retrieve all the information on that quilt.  An important note about the documentation of the quilt is that the volunteers do not do appraisals on any quilts but the value of your quilt will increase by being able to easily retrieve information about the quilt and knowing family history is being preserved.

The Sherman County Quilt Documentation Day will be October 7th at the Sherman County Historical Museum in Moro, Oregon.  To participate we ask that you pre-register through the museum and bring a completed history documentation form filled out as complete as possible (some quilts it is hard to know all the information just complete it as best you can) on up to 2 quilts.  You will be put on the schedule and assigned a time to bring in the history form and quilts on Wednesday, October 7th after you pre-register at the Sherman County Historical Museum.  You can start registering today!  The history forms are available on-line at our website: or pick one up at the museum.  If you have questions please call 541-565-3232 or email:

Quilt History Form - Click here.

For more information on the Oregon Quilt project visit:

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