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Sherman County Journal: Questions and Answers

  1. What is the significance of the Sherman County Journal collection?
    1. The Journal was the last surviving newspaper in the county.
    2. It was the newspaper of record for the county for many years.
    3. See newspaper flow chart.
    4. It may have been the last operating hot lead print shop in Oregon. [research in progress]
    5. Several noted journalists owned and operated the Journal – D.C. Ireland, J.B. Hosford and Giles French.

  2. How did the historical society acquire the collection?Journal Equipment
    1. The contents of the Journal print shop were offered for sale to the historical society for $55,000. Owners subsequent to Giles French included Dan Bartlett, Sr., Jack Healy and Dan Bartlett, Jr., from whose heirs the Society purchased the collection.
    2. The Board of Trustees recognized the value of this collection, contracted with the owner and engaged in fundraising from 2008-2011.
    3. Taking steps toward an exhibit of significant importance, Barbara Kaseberg Riper offered to match donations of $25 to $100 made to the Sherman County Journal fund by first-time Museum donors.
    4. Donors 2008-2011  ____________
    5. The Society appreciates and thanks ____ individual, three business and four charitable foundation donors for their support in adding value to the Museum collections.

  3. Where was the Sherman County Journal office located?
    1. The Observer building is shown in the 1913 Standard Atlas of Sherman County Oregon in Block 2, next to the alley, and below the present (2011) post office, facing First Street. This building became the Sherman County Journal office. It is now a vacant lot.

  4. Why didn’t the Society purchase the building and lot?
    1. It’s a practical and financial matter. The Society did not have the capacity or the volunteers to operate, maintain and sustain two sites.

  5. What is included in this collection?
    1. See Sherman County Journal Collection Inventory.
    2. The contents of the Sherman County Journal print shop included the machinery and some architectural elements that will be useful in producing an exhibit – doors, windows, electrical fixtures, lumber from the false front building, and the overhead pulley system that operated some of the machines.

  6. Are other Journal artifacts in the museum collections?Journal Equipment
    1. Yes. Before the purchase of the print shop contents, donors contributed the newspaper masthead and newspapers.
    2. The gift of an Observer sign is pending.

  7. When will the Journal collection be on display?
    1. The Museum Team is working to produce a temporary exhibit of machines and equipment necessary to publish a newspaper. It will be in the Museum’s original wing where adequate space has been identified.
    2. We are working with publisher Mac Stinchfield of the Times-Journal and volunteers at the C.C. Stern Type Foundry in Portland.
    3. This Team is taking steps to make space for cleaning machinery and to move part of the collection to the Museum beginning in October.

  8. Does the Museum contain space for the Journal exhibit?
    1. Yes and no.
    2. There is space for a temporary exhibit with part of the collection. It will require retiring other exhibits and moving some artifacts to storage. Most museums do rotate artifacts in and out of exhibit for preservation purposes, and most museums produce new exhibits.
    3. Why temporary?
      1. The Journal collection is stored in two shipping containers in Moro where the condensation conditions are unacceptable. Moving the heavy machinery to the Museum will greatly improve its preservation.
      2. It’s time for the donors who made this collection possible to see some progress.
      3. A temporary exhibit will attract a new audience and will open doors for permanent Journal exhibit fundraising.

  9. What next?
    1. This project will require…
      1. the advice of technical experts for the care of significant artifacts
      2. scholarly research
      3. volunteers to pack & move some current exhibits to storage
      4. volunteers to help with appropriate cleaning of the machinery
      5. heavy equipment moving assistance
      6. Exhibit Team volunteers for exhibit design, production and labels

  10. How can I help?
    1. Contact Sherman County Historical Society & Museum, P.O. Box 173, Moro, OR 97039 or e-mail
    2. Volunteer at 200 Dewey Street, Moro, OR!
    3. Follow the project at and on our Facebook page.
    4. Check out the Work Plan! Contact us at for specific work dates.

  11. What about a permanent exhibit?
    1. The Museum Team envisions a new wing to house the Journal collection, indeed, a working collection. This new wing would also house an office for the Director, a work room and a program room.
    2. The temporary exhibit will attract a new audience and will open doors for future fundraising for this new wing.
    3. The City of Moro donated property adjacent to the Museum for a future addition to house the Journal.

  12. Where can we find more information about the history of Sherman County newspapers?
    1. Sherman County: For the Record: Me, Autobiography of Giles French, vols. 1-1, 1-2, 2-1, 2-2, 3-1 & 3-2.
    2. Sherman County: For the Record: J.B. Hosford, Journalist by Patty French Moore, vol. 7-1.
    3. Sherman County: For the Record: Sherman County Newspapers Kept a Record, by Sherry Kaseberg and Chris Sanders, vol. 20-1.
    4. Impressions and Observations of the Journal Man by Fred Lockley, vol. 19-2.
    5. Sherman County Newspapers: In the Beginning by Chris Sanders.


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