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Concervation Exhibit

Cultivation, Conservation and  Clothespins

The newest exhibit, takes the visitor from  horsepower to engine power and electricity with large wheat  farming implements, an authentic 1930s electric kitchen, and soil and  water conservation.

Oregon Trails, Rails & Roads in Sherman County
“O beautiful for spacious skies...” 
Native Tenino Indians. Lewis and Clark. Fremont. Oregon Trail pioneers. Hardy settlers on the Columbia Plateau.

Wheat Through The Ages
“For amber waves of grain...”
Scientific research tools. The blacksmith and leather shops so necessary to the farmer. Wheat production and grain storage tools and equipment. Soil. Seed. Risk. Bounty. It's a global affair!

Pride and Anguish
“O beautiful for patriot dream”
Pride and anguish, gain and loss...Civil War to the Vietnam conflict. Medals. Ominous armament. Hopeful young faces. Footlockers. Uniforms.
(Civil War Veterans of Sherman County)
A Century of Rural Living
“America!  America!”
Richly detailed period rooms. An elegant formal parlor. A General Store. Dental and medical exhibits. A country kitchen. School. Church. Toys. Business tools
and equipment. Textiles. Photographs. 
You may want to take a look at the 1898 Sherman County Directory.

Sherman County Journal:
Paper, Ink & Presses

“Freedom of the Press”
In the beginning, Sherman County newspaper competition was fierce. Community citizens could go to bed one night and not know who would have control over their news the following day.

"Women wore corsets, bustles and hoop skirts. They rode sidesaddle. They braided their hair and sported bangs. Babies were delivered at home. Most men wore a long beard, and everybody sported a mustache. It was hard to tell what color the beard was for the tobacco smoke, dust, gravy and egg in it."
Curtis A. Tom [1880-1960]

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