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News release. October 4, 2002
Explorations: All Over The Map

Jeanney McArthur, a Sherman County native, is re-emerging as an artist after a 20-something-year hiatus. Her work is featured at the Sherman County Historical Museum during October, the last of six monthly shows by local artists and artisans.
McArthur earned a Bachelors of Science in Art from Western Oregon University (then Oregon College of Education). The summer of 2000 was a turning point in her life, when her interest in graphic design waned and her passion for fine art expressions re-ignited. She currently works in a variety of media -- watercolor, charcoal, pastel, acrylics, collage and monotypes. Her subject matter is organic in nature -- the human figure, plants, landscapes -- and her modus operandi is "exploration and discovery."
Museum visitors may view this show until the end of October when the Museum closes for the winter. The Museum's new interpretive exhibit, Cultivation, Conservation and Clothespins, is nearly complete and is open to the public! The Museum Store features mugs and tee-shirts bearing the Pat Jacobsen's Wall of History design in City Park.
Moro's fine new streetscape and the Museum's re-installed Visitor Information Kiosk site enhance a visit, as do stops in local shops! Visit Sherman County! Open daily from ten until five, the Museum in downtown Moro is reached by phoning 541-565-3232.


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