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News Release
September 17, 2011
Sherman County Journal Collection Gets New Life

Moro, Oregon – A Kluge job press, a Miehle flat bed press, and a Linotype with Self-Quadder are on the minds of the Sherman County Historical Society’s Museum Team. It’s time to get the Sherman County Journal collection out of storage and on public view.
Moving toward a new exhibit with a new vocabulary in August, the Team set out to measure and tag each artifact in the Sherman County Journal print shop collection. Mac Stinchfield, publisher and editor of the Times-Journal, met with the Team and identified and selected artifacts essential to an exhibit. The C.C. Stern Type Foundry volunteers in Portland provided technical assistance. Stay tuned for a Journal web page planned for  
This project will require recruitment of a Sherman County Journal Exhibit Team assigned only to this 32’ x 9.5’ exhibit between October 20, 2011 and May 1, 2012 for episodic, one-time, short-term or five-month commitments.  Interested volunteers may select tasks according to their time, interests and abilities – mini-teams - an equipment moving team, an exhibit designer, a cleaning team, technical experts and a research team. With the work plan in hand, a team leader and a weekly schedule will be determined by consensus. One day, three days or a week, help will be greatly appreciated.
To volunteer, contact the Museum in Moro at or 541-565-3232, or drop by any Thursday through October when the Museum Team is at work.
In October and November, volunteers will purchase approved cleaning supplies, move the Journal machinery to a temporary museum site for cleaning, and clean the presses, Linotype machine, Addressograph, Graphotype plate maker, Hamilton type cabinet, paper folding machine, lead caster and lead saws.
Other volunteers will retire some existing exhibits, pack artifacts and move them to storage. Development of a story line and exhibit design, research for each artifact and interviews of local people associated with the Journal will begin this fall as volunteers are identified.
Assuming the cleaning process is completed and a protective floor covering installed, the machinery will be moved to the exhibit space by late November, and the Team will take a well-earned December break.
Resuming work in January, with a new executive director on staff, research, text writing and proof-reading for labels, donor panels and hand-outs will continue through mid-March. The focus will shift to fabrication of exhibit elements, printing and installing text panels, plans for a winter print party, and an exhibit opening in May.

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